• Rated Voltage- 12KV
  • Rated Current- 1250/2500/3150A
  • Rated Frequency- 50Hz
  • Rated Short Time Withstand Current- 40KA
  • Rated Duration of Short Circuit- 3sec
  • Rated SF6 gas pressure at 20 deg C- 2.5bar
  • 1:1 replacement for VOLTAS make FG2 Interrupters of similar ratings
  • 1) cover
    2) insulating enclosure
    3) fixation
    4) fixed arcing contact
    5) fixed main contact
    6) insulating nozzle
    7) moving arcing contact
    8) moving piston
    9) spring
    10) main stem
    11) fixation
    12) insulation lever
    13) crank
    14) sealing device
    15) shaft
    16) cover
    17) molecular sieve
    18) lower current terminal
    19) upper current terminal
    20) moving main contact

    Operational Features :

  • 1) During breaking of the contacts, the puff of gas extinguishes the arc when the circuit breaker is in the closed position.
  • 2) Due to movement of the piston, the gas is compressed. Firstly, the main contacts open and then the arcing contacts break the contact so as to maintain a long life for the main contacts.
  • 3) Due to this action, the compressed gas is released and it extinguishes the arc.