• Rated Voltage- 12/24/36KV
  • Rated Current- 1250A
  • Rated Frequency- 50Hz
  • Rated Short Time Withstand Current- 25KA
  • Rated Duration of Short Circuit- 3sec
  • Rated SF6 gas pressure at 20 deg C- 1.5bar
  • 1:1 replacement for VOLTAS make FB4 Interrupters of similar ratings
  • 1) cover
    2) dynamic seal
    3) crank
    4) operation rod
    5) conical rollers
    6) upper current terminal
    7) epoxy-resin sealing envelop
    8) bottom
    9) contact stem
    10) valve
    11) piston
    12) moving contact-arcing
    13) fixed contact-arcing
    14) insulating nozzle
    15) molecular sieve
    16) lower current terminal
    17) moving contact-main
    18) fixed contact-main

    Operational Features :

  • During breaking of the contacts, the puff of gas extinguishes the arc when the circuit breaker is in the closed position.
  • Due to movement of the piston, the gas is compressed. Firstly, the main contacts open and then the arcing contacts break the contact so as maintain a long life for the main contacts.
  • Due to this action, the compressed gas is released and it extinguishes the arc Valve opening during the closing operation, helps the piston to move swiftly.